Monday, March 30, 2009


Where did the last 25 years go? Today is my birthday, this one was kind of weird for me. I wasn't quite expecting it to be so weird. Everyone was telling me that I am a quarter of a century old. Thanks a ton guys. Honestly, hearing that my little cousin is almost four made me feel older than the fact that I am yet another year older.
DH surprised me with a gift certificate for a massage! I am so excited. I love massages more than anything else he could have given me. I boycotted cooking, it's my party I can refuse to cook if I want to :o). We went to P.F. Changs. I freaking love that place. We ordered a ton of food AND the great wall of chocolate. Totally sinful but most delicious. I resisted completely gorging myself and I have lunch tomorrow. P.F. Chang's is the gift that keeps on giving. :o)
The even better news is I have three more days of celebrating this weekend. I am spoiled. :o)

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  1. I completely freaked out when I turned 25. I think it's because I couldn't say I'm a young 20-something anymore. And P.F. Changs is my favorite! Happy birthday!