Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poppy Seeds

This was such a busy weekend! The Mr. thought taking a hpt would be a good idea, I was unconvinced, seeing as I was only 11 dpo. So I talked him into testing on Friday morning with the FMU. I was out running some errands and came home to an empty house. I couldn't resist the urge to POAS :o) I didn't, maybe I couldn't, look at the results. I was getting ready to leave and I happened to glance down at the test. It was POSITIVE!!!! We are having a baby!!!! Holy shit!!!!! The Mr. is so excited, we have already told everyone :o) I am so excited, and very tired. I will be calling the doc in the morning to get everything set up!

In other news, I graduated this weekend. I still have three weeks of class left but I feel done! My IL's hosted a graduation party complete with tons of food (none of which looked good to me at all :o( ). It was great to get to spend time with everyone.

I am 4 weeks today and I am steeling this next part from Blair's blog because I want to remember as much as possible about this pregnancy.

How far along? 4 weeks!!
Total weight gain/loss: 0
Maternity clothes? nope, but I did get a bella band ( fabulous!!!)
Stretch marks? Not that I didn't already have
Sleep: I am getting tons, I am exhausted.
Best moment this week: Getting our BFP!!
Movement: Not for a while yet.
Food cravings: baby carrots and ranch dip!
Gender: I am thinking boy
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: beer and coffee.
What I am looking forward to: seeing the doctor and our little chicken's heart beat.
Weekly Wisdom: Tell everyone your feelings on belly touching early on :0)
Milestones: Four weeks and several BFP's!!!!!!1

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  1. congrats! it is a great idea to write all this down :) it goes by so fast!