Monday, May 4, 2009

Well...I suck

I am a very bad blogger. I started this blog so I would remember our journey as we try to get pregnant. Now I have missed an entire month! Me = blogging FAIL!

So to catch up. Last cycle was a no go. :o( Although I can say I am not overly surprise. FF effed up my o date and we completely missed our window.

DH just turned 25 and is now an old man :o) His birthday brought in spring here and everything is starting to get green! I love the change of seasons all the tulips are blooming. I get all smiley when I drive down my street, as all the houses have them.

My SIL set up an awesome trip to the mountains with MIL and all 3 of my SIL. It was wonderful! We all got a pedi/mani and headed up to a condo. We drank wine, went to dinner, and watched old flicks. I had a blast.

I am updating from class and should probably start paying attention (another reason I suck). Back to learning!

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